Cooperation with administrators

Because of our professional approach, flexibility and speed, we regularly work together with administrators in our working areas.

What you often see with clients of administrators is that in addition to their wallets, these people also don’t have their house in order. In addition to debt, clutter in the home also piles up. Their financial problems are now being taken care of, but peace of mind has not yet fully returned. Simply because stuff from the past, little space and lots of clutter often does little good for a person’s state of mind. To ensure that these people regain the balance in their lives, the next step is to create more peace in the home. This is where we can help!

We unburden you

Cleaning up a home often feels like quite an undertaking. It is. It starts with sorting out the stuff. What
may go away and what may not. Next, the waste must be separated and taken away to the recycling center, the landfill or a container must be rented. Thus, it may take days before your client is actually rid of all the clutter. All in all, a time-consuming job and something an administrator does not have time for.

We can simplify this process for all parties involved. The client or stakeholders only need to collect what can/should go and we take care of the rest.

Our working method


You may have considered renting a dumpster. Renting a dumpster offers numerous advantages, but having your waste picked up offers many more. In this article you will read why it is better to choose a waste collection service for your client, rather than renting a container. In addition, we have listed for you some of the advantages of the total service:

Time Savings

There is no need to make trips to the junkyard and we take everything in one trip.

Saving power and energy

No lifting and lugging. We take care of everything.

Environmentally conscious

Everything we take away we take to a waste management company where a thorough sorting takes place. We work with environmentally conscious waste management companies where as much as possible is recycled.

Combining waste streams

The collection of furniture, for example, can be combined with the collection of other waste streams. Think old wood, electronics or bulky waste.

Fast service

Easily schedule an appointment online to have your trash picked up. We can often be there within 24 hours!

Not only for the client, a waste pickup service brings multiple benefits. It is also easy for you as the administrator to manage. For these three reasons, among others:


You as an administrator or the client himself can be helped immediately without an appointment. So this does not take extra time and help can be provided at short notice.


Our prices are known in advance. This way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Check here for current prices and calculate the number of cubic meters.


Upon approval from you as the administrator by email, payment can be made by invoice. Therefore, your client does not have to use a PIN, which is normally the case.

Create peace in your client’s home and mind and take advantage of our service. Make an appointment immediately!

Waste collection?

We are happy to visit you in the following counties to collect your waste:

  • Limburg
  • Brabant
  • Amsterdam & region
  • South Holland
  • Groningen

Have your waste collected if you live in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Roermond, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen or near these places. Don’t live around here? Then check your zip code area by entering your information in our appointments window. Is your region not listed? Then contact us: 085-0810588

We will come and pick up your waste for the same price regardless of where you live or are located. Make an appointment directly at Afval Opaal Dienst and take care of old waste!

No more hassle with your waste?

We collect your waste quickly and easily for you.