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See below the price comparison of various products you can rent to dispose of your waste yourself vs. our waste collection service. We do not rent products, we personally collect all your waste from your home or business. Easier and cheaper!

(0.5 - 1 m³)
(2 - 3m³)
(5 - 6m³)
(9 - 10m³)

Afval Ophaal Dienst vs. Container Rental

Did you know that renting a dumpster is more expensive than our waste collection service? Check out the many benefits and savings below!

Container Rentals:
Cheaper at any quantity and for any type of waste
More expensive
No permit required
Possible installation permit required (depends on municipality)
No lifting and carrying
Lifting and carrying yourself
In most cases everything is gone within fifteen minutes
Having a container in front of the door for a longer period of time
Transparent price matching the amount of waste to be disposed of (based on the actual number of cubic meters)
Price per container size, not per quantity of waste
Immediate and appropriate solution in case of discrepancy between estimated and actual quantity
More? Order extra container | less? Still pay for delivered container
All gone at once, regardless of different waste types
Multiple containers needed for multiple waste streams/types
Also available on Saturdays
Delivery mostly on weekdays or at weekend surcharge
No risk of disposal costs for third-party waste
Risk of disposal costs for waste from third parties who deposit it in the container
Specific time period of up to 2 hours
Broad time periods, often consisting of dayparts

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  • Avatar C Boxma ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
  • Avatar Wim en Coby van Ginkel ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Geweldige correcte en snelle afhandeling. alles keurig netjes meegenomen. De twee mannen waren beleefd en behulpzaam
  • Avatar Ed van der Geest ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Snelle en prettige afhandeling, zowel de boeking als het ophalen!
  • Avatar Danielle Martens ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Very friendly and professional. They removed mountains of boxes and refuse after I moved. I greatly appreciate their hard work!

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