Collecting old bed

Have you bought a new bed? Possibly because your old bed is broken, or simply worn out. Then it’s nice to be rid of your old bed as soon as the new one is delivered. However, transporting a bed is not that easy.

Often you will need a van or need to rent a whole container. However, it can be easier and cheaper. We, from Afval Ophaal Dienst will gladly pick up your old bed. We often come and pick up your old bed within 24 hours at a cheaper rate than if you rent a dumpster.

Cost of returning old bed

On average, a bed or box spring will last about 20 years. A broken or worn-out bed can no longer be sold on eBay and beds simply wear out more quickly than other types of furniture because you use them a lot. If the upholstery is worn and the bed is visibly worn out, you often can’t get rid of the bed at the thrift store either. If you have to drive yourself to the dump, it will cost you time and effort and most likely expense for other transportation. So make it easy on yourself and have an old bed picked up by Afval Ophaal Dienst. 

We use standard prices for picking up a bed. For € 125 we will pick up your old bed. Do you have any other pieces of furniture or trash lying around that could go with your bed? Then check out our prices page and calculate yourself what it will cost approximately. We are a private company and will collect your waste for a fee. We are not a substitute for municipal regulation. We are also not a replacement for the environmental centers, but we do offer many advantages over these agencies.

Returning old mattress

You can also hand in yourmattress At Afval Ophaal Dienst. A mattress will last about 5 to 10 years approximately. After this time, it is better to replace the mattress for the benefit of your back and sleeping position, as well as for hygiene. This will get rid of your entire bed in one appointment. Still have old worn-out quilts in the closet? We will also take these for you. Like all kinds of other types of waste.

In 6 steps we will pick up your old bed

Dispose of old bed in different regions

Have your bed and other waste collected if you live in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Roermond, Maastricht or near these places. Don’t live around here? Then check your zip code area by entering your information in our appointments window. We generally come to the following counties to pick up your bed:

We will come and pick up your old bed regardless of where you live or are located for the same price. Make another appointment right away!

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