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Bulky waste is waste that is too large to dispose in the gray container. Once in a while, it is wise to throw away such items to avoid clutter and accumulation of stuff. This is how you create structure and space in your home or company building. We are happy to help you with this, by collecting your bulky waste quickly and inexpensively at a day and time that suits you best!

Types of bulky waste we collect:

We take all kinds of bulky waste for you, so you don’t have to arrange transportation and drive up and down the road yourself. When talking about bulky waste collection, consider the following items:

Basically, anything that is non-hazardous and can be lifted by our two team members can go in our truck. So too are specific materials such as wood, metal, scrap iron, etcetera.

The benefits of bulky waste collection

The main advantages of having bulky waste picked up at a glance:

You save time

This way, you don’t have to drive back and forth to the dump, or stand in line at the environmental site.

No need to arrange transportation

Saves costs, a lot of hassle and your car stays nice and clean.

You save power and energy

That lugging around is not always good for your back. Therefore, leave it to us.

Bulky waste collection is cheaper than renting a container

You only pay for the actual amount of m3 of waste to be disposed.

Your waste is not on the street

We remove the items from the affected space.

Fast service

Easily schedule an appointment online to have your bulky waste picked up. In most cases, we can be there within 24 hours.

Environmentally friendly waste disposal

We work with environmentally conscious waste management companies where as much as possible is recycled.

Neatly tidied

We do all the heavy lifting and sweep the place where the garbage was. Tidied up. And it costs you no effort at all. So make an appointment right away!

Easily have your bulky waste picked up:

What does bulky waste collection cost?

We are a private company and will collect your waste for a fee. We are not a replacement for municipal regulations or environmental sites, but we do offer many advantages over these agencies.

We offer a total solution for anyone who wants to benefit from the convenience of our services and is able/willing to set aside a budget for this. With us, you don’t have to separate waste types, your waste is picked up at your convenience and you don’t have to put it out on the street.
The cost of having bulky waste picked up starts at 99 euros. The exact price depends on the amount of waste. This is because our prices are based on the number of m3 of bulky waste. You can already estimate the volume of your bulky waste with the cubic meter calculator

At the start of the pickup appointment, the final price will be determined after you show us what is actually allowed to go. Once you agree to the price, our men will get to work for you. You don’t have to pay anything up front. We will settle the full amount with you by PIN when the job is done. 

If the price is higher than you thought and you decide not to make the appointment, we will drive on to the next customer free of charge. 

Bulky waste collection service

Our name says it all, we are a full service of waste collection and therefore also happy to collect your bulky waste. Whether in your home or in your business premises, store or office. Simply make you appointment and make use of your pick-up service.

We are happy to visit you in the following counties to pick up your bulky waste:

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We will come and pick up your bulky waste regardless of where you live or are located, for the same price. Make another appointment right away!

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