Collecting old washing machine

Do you still have an old washing machine sitting around because it is broken or no longer needed? Then let us pick up your old washing machine. We provide the transportation and manpower, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Advantages of having your washing machine picked up

In addition to more space in the attic or laundry room, a pickup service for old washing machines offers numerous other benefits. We have listed the most important benefits for you:

  • You save time. This way you don’t have to make trips to the dump.
  • No transportation needs to be arranged, nor do you have to soil or damage your own car.
  • You save power and energy. A washing machine is enormously heavy and must be lifted by several people. That lugging around is not always good for your back. Therefore, leave it to us.
  • You can combine the collection of your old washing machine with the collection of other waste streams. Think about old furniture or bulky waste. Therefore, you do not need to make a separate appointment for this.
  • Having a washing machine and other waste picked up is cheaper than renting a container.
  • Quick Service. Easily schedule an online appointment To have your broken washing machine picked up. We can often be there within 24 hours!
  • Environmentally friendly. We work with environmentally conscious waste management companies where as much as possible is recycled.

You can no longer sell a broken washing machine on Marketplace or get rid of it at the thrift store. So make it easy on yourself and have your old washing machine picked up by Afval Ophaal Dienst.

In combination with other waste

The advantage of Afval Ophaal Dienst is that you do not only have to make an appointment to have your old washing machine picked up, but at the same time you can also give us your other waste. Consider, for example, an old mattress still in the attic or bulky waste.

When renting a container, this often works a little differently. Then you need to rent multiple containers for multiple waste streams. That immediately adds to the cost. Through Afval Ophaal Dienst, all waste is collected at once by our staff, regardless of the different waste types.

Have your broken washing machine picked up within 24 hours

Afval Ophaal Dienst takes care of the entire process when you want to get rid of your old washing machine. Follow the 6 steps below if you want to get rid of your old washing machine in no time.

Cost of having washing machine picked up.

We are not affiliated with, nor do we operate as a municipal agency. Afval Ophaal Dienst is a private company and will collect your waste for a fee. From € 99 we will already come and pick up your old washing machine and other waste. The exact price of having waste picked up depends on the amount of waste. In fact, our prices are based on truck volume. You can already estimate yourself on our prices page.

Collection locations

We will pick up your washing machine in the following counties: 

Don’t live around here? If so, please check to see if we also visit your hometown. To see if we are also active within your zip code area, you can enter the address information in our appointments window. No matter where you live, you can have your washing machine picked up for the same price.

In conclusion, we are neither affiliated with nor operating as a municipal agency. Afval Ophaal Dienst is a private company and will collect your waste for a fee. Check out the prices we charge for this here. 

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  • Avatar Melissa Pereira ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
  • Avatar Bjorn G ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Het team uit Dordrecht heeft een lastige klus (wenteltrap & wasmachine...) heel net en snel opgelost, top!
  • Avatar Alie Veenhuizen ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Super fijn bedrijf, heel goed geholpen om de laatste "rommel' af te voeren. Twee zeer vriendelijke mannen en razend snel alles in de bus. Top!!
  • Avatar Natalie Fiorenza ★★★★★ in de afgelopen week
    Was able to make an appointment for the next day and the process was seemless at pick up. Will use again!

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