Get rid of old furniture

Do you want to dispose of your old furniture, but you are not in a position to take the furniture away to the landfill? Or simply don’t have the desire, time or resources for this? In that case, Afval Ophaal Dienst will be there for you. We will come and pick up all your old furniture so that it is no longer in your home. We pick up the entire contents; from sofas and cupboards to office furniture and complete beds.

What kind of furniture are we picking up?

All furniture that can be lifted by two men strong we take with us. An additional advantage is that not all items necessarily have to be in good condition like at the thrift store. We take all the old furniture, whether it is still usable or not.

In addition, you can have old furniture picked up by us along with other types of waste. Consider, for example, bulky waste, old electronics and scrap metal. Everything can be lumped together. Just as easy right? This way, you don’t have to sort through and make a separate visit to the recycling and environmental yard. When we talk about picking up furniture, consider the following:

But we also take chairs, tables, desks and office chairs for you. We will often pick up your used furniture within 24 hours. You choose a delivery time yourself. This way you can get started right away with decorating the room with your new furniture.

Old furniture removal service

Afval Ophaal Dienst takes care of the entire process for you. You hardly need to arrange anything besides making an appointment. Collect only all furniture and other waste that you want collected. You will go through these steps if you choose Afval Ophaal Dienst when having old furniture picked up:

Furniture pickup costs: cheaper than renting a container

From € 99 we will pick up your old furniture. The exact price of furniture pickup depends on the amount of waste. In fact, our prices are based on truck volume. You can already get an estimate on our prices page. 

Picking up your used furniture is
cheaper than renting a container
We are happy to explain this to you with our
price comparer
. In addition to the standard lower prices, the reasons below can also ensure that you pay less at the bottom line than if you rent a container:

  • You pay for the actual amount of waste instead of a container size. If you have misjudged the amount of waste you may have to rent an additional container or you may be paying too much for the space you are actually left with.  
  • We will come and pick up all types of waste in one appointment, instead of you having to rent different types of containers because you want to get rid of multiple types of waste.

Finally, it is worth noting that Afval Ophaal Dienst does not operate as a municipal entity. We are a private company and will collect your waste for a fee. We are not a substitute for municipal regulations or the environmental center, but we do offer many advantages over these agencies. 

We offer a total solution for anyone who wants to benefit from the convenience of our services and is able/willing to set aside a budget for this. 

We operate in the following regions:

We are active in:

Don’t you live in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Roermond, Maastricht, Amsterdam or Groningen? Please check your postal code area by filling in your details in our appointment window. Regardless of where you live or are located, we will come and pick up your old furniture for the same price.

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    Ze hebben hun werk netjes gedaan!

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