Collecting unusable materials

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Busy with DIY or remodeling and still have a lot of materials left over that you don’t need for finishing your project? Afval Ophaal Dienst is happy to pick it up for you. This way, it won’t be in the way or stands in your garden or shed.

What kind of materials do we collect?

All materials that can be lifted by two men strong we take with us. Other than rubble, stone, soil, greenery, sand and chemical waste, you can have all kinds of materials collected by us. An added benefit is that not all items necessarily have to be in good condition. We take leftovers of wood, broken glass and old paper for you without any problems. 

Moreover, you can have unusable materials picked up by us along with other types of waste. Consider, for example bulky waste , old electronics and old furniture . Everything can be lumped together. Just as easy right? This way, you don’t have to sort through it yourself and make a separate visit to the recycling and environmental yard. When talking about collecting unusable materials, consider the following:

We often come to pick up the materials within 24 hours. You choose a delivery time yourself. Create a appointment !

The advantages of collecting old material

We have listed the main advantages of having materials and other waste collected for you:

You save time

This way, you don't have to drive back and forth to the dump, or stand in line at the environmental site.

No need to arrange transportation

You do not need to arrange any transportation yourself.

You save power and energy

That lugging around is not always good for your back. Therefore, leave it to us.

Having waste picked up is cheaper than renting a dumpster

In doing so, you only pay for the actual amount of m3 of waste to be disposed.

Your waste is not on the street

We remove the materials from the affected space.

Fast service

Easily schedule an appointment online. In most cases, we can be there within 24 hours.

Environmentally friendly

All waste is recycled responsibly.

Collection service of unusable materials:

Afval Ophaal Dienst takes care of the entire process for you. You hardly need to arrange anything besides making an appointment. Collect only all materials and other waste that you want collected. You will go through these steps if you choose Afval Ophaal Dienst when having old material picked up:

Cheaper than renting a container

The collection of old materials is cheaper than renting a container.We are happy to explain this to you through our price comparer. In addition to the standard lower prices, the reasons below can also ensure that you pay less at the bottom line than if you rent a container:

  • You pay for the actual amount of waste instead of a container size. If you have misjudged the amount of waste you may have to rent an additional container or you may be paying too much for the space you are actually left with.
  • We will come and pick up all types of waste in one appointment, instead of you having to rent different types of containers because you want to get rid of multiple types of waste.

We pick up your junk from as little as €125,-. The exact price of having waste collected depends on the amount of waste. This is because our prices are based on the number of m3. You can already make an estimate yourself with our cubic meter calculator. We often get asked why we are “pricey. We would like to explain this in more detail.

Afval Ophaal Dienst is neither affiliated with nor operating as a municipal agency. We are a private company and will pick up your old equipment for a fee. We are not a substitute for municipal regulations or for the environmental yard, but we do offer many advantages over these parties.

We offer a total solution for anyone who wants to benefit from the convenience of our services and is able and willing to set aside a budget for this. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Provinces where we are active

We come to collect the material and other waste in the following provinces:

  • Limburg: Weert, Roermond, Venlo, Heerlen, Sittard, Maastricht
  • North-Brabant: Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Breda, Tilburg, Helmond
  • Amsterdam & region: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Purmerend, Oostzaan, Zaandam
  • South-Holland: Rotterdam, Leiden, Gouda, Woerden, Utrecht
  • Groningen: Groningen, Oldambt, Delfzijl, Veendam, Appingedam
  • Friesland: Leeuwarden, Sneek, Dokkum, Ijlst
  • Drenthe: Assen, Emmen, Meppel, Hoogeveen

To see if we are also active in you zip code area you can enter the address details in our appointment window.

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